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Take a look to the sky just before you die by Hattushilish
Take a look to the sky just before you die
It is the last time you will!

Experimenting, even when I like the results, I will have this forgotten by next time and it is like starting from point zero all over again.

The best chara of all SoulCalibur series, voiced by some cool fella who voices Mace Windu, Solid Snake and drunken Capitain in Bleach. The worst thing in SoulCalibur II HD was the lack of the japanese voices. English dubs suck, 110% of the times.

Nancy Ryman belongs to :iconyukatekeuchifan:…

'Souru Ejitu itaida oda noda' or something like that
Let's have some fun by Hattushilish
Let's have some fun
Awkward and frustrated is how I feel right now. Life had been good with me at times, but right now I wish I could release all this pressure result of frustrations and all of that crap.

This is Nancy Ryman, from :iconyukatakeuchifan: and well the original idea I had for her quickly degraded into what you see here. As far as I remember she's always drawn in manga style, soI went for my default, 'semi realistic' style. To be honest I like the character because she is a badass and I think that submissive women are overrated. The fella trying to get her undressed is the generic ecchi guy who instead of having eyes, just has some shadows.

Thanks to :iconcriticalvolume: for the help and for enduring my annoyingness even now.

I will try to color it, but progress will be slow because of many factors that involve my real life. Joy *sarcasm*. Whoever said 'what doesn't kill me make me stronger' had no idea.

For this I tried yet another inking method. None seems to fit me, in the end I always try to make the lines nice by moving anchor point by anchor point and that consumes lots of time. And besides more important things in real life, time consumption also frustrates me. Like I said to someone else before, the quality of my stuff is not the big deal, so I'd gladly sacrifice half of it to become twice as fast with the creation of stuff. You may say 'then do it!'. The problem is that it is not easy. If I lowered my quality, on purpose or not, I'd just draw stick figures, and being superluminal fast with them doesn't count :P
3H Be careful, even in defeat Saruman is dangerous by Hattushilish
3H Be careful, even in defeat Saruman is dangerous
Well yes. My 300th deviation. ZOMG! BBQ!!!!!!1111 This may not my my fave style, but still the original paper and pencil one was one of the pieces I am most proud of. Because it is simple and looks good.

Less is more and now I see why so many people prefer minimalistic approaches (such as manga and comic) over realism. For the same person, drawing something that looks sexy requires much less effort if you are minimalistic, while more realistic approaches demand more effort and the results could be not as nice.

A friend said that he prefers more realistic approaches because they are different to 90% of the big boob art out there. True, people rely too much on minimalism.

Also I realized how the sketch and inking parts of the process demand more time than the rest. I already suspected so, but at this work was basically ended, It just took me like 3 days to finish it, when usually it takes one week or more, when I start from scrap.

Angel Jones from the Fish Police Cartoon, made by Hanna Barbera sometime in the 90's maybe?

Danke für die Faves!


Hattushilish's Profile Picture
Real eyes realize real lies
TRADES OPEN (Very Circumstantial)

REQUESTS ARE CLOSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I have realized that several persons are sending me requests and sometimes their requests don't adjust to what I am used to draw. Also some of this people have the bad habit of making requests to anyone that draws for free, without even checking out the galleries of the artists! and that's something I find pretty rude, as the former just want free art at any cost!. Considering those reasons, I think it is necessary for me to place these rules where everyone interested would read them:

1-My house, my rules, if you don't like them, maybe other people will take your deal. No exceptions with any rule.
2-I will only take dealings (commissions, trades, requests) regarding drawing (not writing) exclusively, slim busty girls that love boobs (that is no non consensual BE stuff, nor girls that don't like bigger boobs). The absolute minimum size I'd draw is this… . I won't even consider requests regarding males, flatchested girls, furries nor robots/synthetics (I broke this rule once and I don't intend to do so again). I won't take requests about original characters which belong to a third party, unless you got EXPLICIT permission to use that character.
3-Every work will be posted in my gallery, NO private requests!
4-Commissions are paid this way: half before I start and half at the end. As for requests I am free to take or discard in any moment, even if I said 'I'll do it' previously (pay attention at this, one asshole once got super angry at me because I said yes and then I told him I couldn't go on, I'll meet this fella in hell and torture him forever!). Same applies to the requester recommendations. After all this is free work and I have the last word.
5-Be conscious of my limitations! And try to be specific. Sometimes I finish a work and it isn't liked by the person who asked for it, and that's why they weren't clear regarding what they wanted...
6-Commissions will be started as soon as possible (I don't expect to be swamped anyways) and will be finished within two weeks after I have started them. Commissions are top priority. As for requests I will start them when I feel like it, it maybe tomorrow, it maybe in 5000 years. You could remind me once each 6 months.
7-If you didn't read this I am afraid I won't be able to take your deal. Send me a message with the word 'Qadesh' as subject. If you don't, I may read your message but I may not reply back.

Sorry if I sound too moody, if you think this annoyance is not worthy of the quality of my works, that's okay. You can always look for other people, much more talented and less annoying than me.

As of now I can only take for payment Deviantart Points. I think each US dollar equals 100 points. So 1000 pts for any cell shaded work is a reference I'll use. Considering the time it takes for me (10 hours) 1 dollar/hour is a bargain!.

Working on a table of prices to be posted in the days to come.

Have a great day!

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Although I still think the number of pageviews of my gallery is skewed by my own visits, there's something I can't influence directly, and that is the number of Watchers. And I am about to reach my first 'Millenial'.

Thanks to everyone for their support. I know most of you rarely or never visit my account anymore, but it doesn't matter, you watched me and that meant that you granted me a vote of trust.

Without your support I would have quitted shortly after I started.

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It was a long time ago since we talked last time :P
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