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Real eyes realize real lies
TRADES OPEN (Very Circumstantial)

REQUESTS ARE CLOSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


0-PRICE TABLE: 1000 DA points, net. I think my prices are low enough so if there are associated costs with the transfer, you may have to pay for them. This applies for a single frame, single character commission with no background or with a simple one. Additional characters 500 points each. I may consider sequences, but the prices will go up depending on the number of frames involved.

I needed the money (all is superexpensive en Central Europe) but apparently my bank accounts (I have 3 in three different countries) can't receive bank transfers (bastards!) thru paypal. And getting money stored in paypal makes no sense to me. At least I can use the points to see nice material from other people.

1-My house, my rules, if you don't like them, maybe other people will take your deal. No exceptions with any rule.

2-I will only take dealings (commissions, trades, requests) regarding drawing (not writing) slim busty girls that love boobs (that is no non consensual BE stuff, nor girls that don't like bigger boobs). The absolute minimum size I'd draw is this… . I won't even consider requests regarding males, flatchested girls, furries nor robots/synthetics (I broke this rule once and I don't intend to do so again). I won't take requests about original characters which belong to a third party, unless you got EXPLICIT permission to use that character.

3-Every work will be posted in my gallery, NO private requests!

4-Commissions are paid this way: half before I start and half at the end. As for requests I am free to take or discard in any moment, even if I said 'I'll do it' previously (pay attention at this, one asshole once got super angry at me because I said yes and then I told him I couldn't go on, I'll meet this fella in hell and torture him forever!). Same applies to the requester recommendations. After all this is free work and I have the last word.

5-Be conscious of my limitations! And try to be specific with what you desire.

6-Commissions will be started as soon as possible (I don't expect to be swamped anyways) and will be finished within two weeks after I have started them. Commissions are top priority. As for requests I will start them when I feel like it, it maybe tomorrow, it maybe in 5000 years. You could remind me once each 6 months.

Sorry if I sound too moody, if you think this annoyance is not worthy of the quality of my works, that's okay. You can always look for other people, much more talented and less annoying than me.

Have a great day!

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22 deviants said Genetic therapy
20 deviants said Inflation straight into the tissue
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13 deviants said Other (ehh dunno)


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What happens here will define my next steps.

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See my vest!

If I owe you something, please remind me here. If I don't but you would be interested in hiring yours truly, you can read the rules in the top of this page.

That would be it, I must catch up with many things, including with my annoying and clumsy digits.
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And in the 'First World' it is not an exception, if any it has been somewhat worse (and that Shocks and amuses me ironically). As some of you know, I have been having Internet issues since i arrived to this so called 'developed country'. But in the last 3 months the situation has become ridiculous. The phone company say that they are switching the IPs of my area and so, I get entire days with no Internet in my living place (currently, I have been disconnected for one week, my good willed landlord is lending me their computer). While it is true that at Uni I have all the Access I would want, it is obvious that some sites I use solely in my free time, shouldn't be accessed using the Uni's Network. On a completely related note some of you may have noticed that I reply slower than usual, and now you know the reason.

My landlord has called the company several times, to see if these silly problems can be solved. They have sent technicians and they find no apparent issue (liars!). Now they, apparently tired of being called, say that we must be patient until the IP address assignation issues are TWO months from now. I don't get how in this country in many places they have this terrible client cervice, where waiters, cashiers and secretaries look and behave obviously annoyed to deal with the Clients even more so when they aren't caucasian enough lol. Changing of company sounds like an option, but when you have troubles to even get enough bread at the end of a month, I guess Internet becomes less of a truly living need O:.

Anyhow, as these internet issues won't be solved soon, my drawing work rate will decrease even more *sarcasm*yay*sarcasm*. But why? you may ask. With no Internet I'd be focusing more on drawing, right?   Well, not exactly. In order for me to draw anything (literally) I need nice pic references and with no Internet, I don't have access to them. My library is limited and I'd try older references, but after a while I'd be drawing the same crap over and over again and that would be boring for those who follow me and even for me :P.

So, my apologies. If I owe you anything, please write reply to this journal here so I can read it easily from my phone (which is a crap too yay!)
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Big boob models lie about their measurements. I won't 'make-up' the reality to make it sound more 'politically correct'. This is not new in this 'big boob' guild, but I thought the days to make deceptive advertisements were over because the customers are now better informed and usually more skeptic. But apparently it doesn't seem to be always the case.

It has been customary for big boob models to lie about their bust measurements since the 90's. Outrageous and obviously false figures like 168DDDDDD-24-34 were common back then. Cup sizes that make no sense, mixing up cm with inches measurements, making up sizes from scratch were all, in my opinion, lowly tactics to gain the favor of ka-ching!, $$ and take advantage of the poor credulous fans.

Look at these two now classic videos who feature the same model, Pandora Peaks which almost if not the, same mammary volume:

Yeah maybe you have seen this before and may you know they say she is 140cm around the bust, and it became like 'the truth' for many. But all is a lie, aided by the close angle of the camera.

This video is much less known but they say Peaks' bustline is 103 cm which makes a lot more of sense and is closer to the reality. Here the chances to alter the measurement are less likely to happen because the camera has a more panoramic view.

You may say 'maybe she got an upgrade before the japanese interview' well, if she did, the volume gain was not significant and as such the bustline change should had been insignificant as well. Also Sheyla Almeida, who at her peak was definitively bustier than Pandora ever was , got measured once and I am pretty sure they didn't do the 'japanese trick' measurement (maybe because in both Susana Gimenez's and Sheyla's episode the measurements were done in front of living audiences)

They say Sheyla's bustline is 125cm, and 125cm < 140cm (yes I figured that out myself, I am smart!). There's no way Pandora ever had a 140 cm bustline. Considering Pandora was my first Big Boob love I have to admit that I got a bit disappointed by her.

And well, maybe this is not a big deal. Maybe I am being the silly one for getting bugged by this, maybe I like Pandora too much and I thought (naïvely, maybe) that she was unable to cheat like this. To be honest, for many years this 'stat inflation' strategy didn't annoy me. I even found it somewhat hot that a woman would claim to be bustier than she really was  (but not like Sabrina Sabrok and her '20 kg' boobs a couple of years ago...I wonder if anyone with two working neurons believed her :( it was sad because she was one of my all time favorites before she shamelessly super inflated her like this). But lately something broke inside me and for three reasons.

1-The people behind these lame ruses (the models themselves, their managers, their webmasters or whoever) want to take advantage of their fans credulity to make money, and that isn't exactly honest. The former are not different from those fraudulent tricksters on the streets or in the county fairs.

2-The credulity of some people is amazing. And they would believe anything as long as it gives them a 'boner'. They must really think with their little heads. And that upsets me.

3-One of my favorite, still active and biggest boob models of all time used to be honest and transparent with her stats. But for no reason she is now playing the same silly game as her 'rivals'. She started to mix up centimeter measurements with inches (and is always the same way as the others with both hips and waist in inches, and bustline in centimeters, to 'inflate' it), she started to use ridiculous cup sizes like YYYY or whatever (after the 27th letter of the alphabet you go past Z, I don't know what follows after Z but instead of using WWW she could say: 'I outgrew the alphabet', that sounds hot to me)  she started to change the weight of her implants from time to time and the numbers just don't fit. She plays with the measurements models play: weight and bustline. You could say that most boob models do, but the point is that she WAS different, she was not like this before. She was the best (in my opinion) not because her size (well, maybe a bit) or because her shape, but because she used her real measurements. I wish I was proven she isn't lying, that she was right and that I am wrong, but I don't see that happening.

CONCLUSION: Don't believe everything you see or read, think twice and question what goes on before your eyes, even if it comes from your favorite record breaking model. Show the world that we pervs have a brain, that we can defend ourselves and that people can get money from us as long as they work hard and not by using not too honest tricks that may make us happy just temporarily.
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If you are involved with a commission or a trade and I haven't delivered the results yet, I'll deeply appreciate if you sent me a reminder preferably here because I deleted most of my PM and that would happen again if I am careless :(.

I NEED all the details of our trade, like what kind of trade was it, if you already finished your part and what was I supposed to do. Thanks!
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I haven't been feeling so well lately, I can't sleep well at night and I feel tired and sore all day. I think I have got a 'dry' flu :/.

This is the first time in my life I have experienced below zero temperatures outside a cold room or a fridge and I think it is finally taking its toll on me.
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Welcome to the Jungle by Hattushilish
Welcome to the Jungle
She is cute… but long tongues are not my cup of tea, yet for some people are. Who am I to judge if I like breasts bigger than everything?

Anyhow I this is an inking and coloring of an old drawing I had somewhere, depicting :iconaliecia-lionheart: 's character. Some new tricks taught by :iconmangrowing: Thanks dude.

Thanks for all the faves.
Not so fast! by Hattushilish
Not so fast!
I am slow, in more senses than the obvious. I really wish I was faster. But I can't pull it off. Happy What is worse is that I do try.
Prunus serrulata by Hattushilish
Prunus serrulata
The snow melt and pollen comes. My nose can't take this. Don't say that's spring for you, because in my land I never suffered like this. The Equatorial climate owns.

A 'big' project by my standards, maybe the most difficult linework I have tried so far.

Let see how it goes as colouring will take lots of time too and I want to try a nice detailed cell shading.

Thanks for all the faves.
See my vest!

If I owe you something, please remind me here. If I don't but you would be interested in hiring yours truly, you can read the rules in the top of this page.

That would be it, I must catch up with many things, including with my annoying and clumsy digits.
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