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TRADES OPEN (Depending on my mood)

REQUESTS ARE CLOSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I have realized that several persons are sending me requests and sometimes their requests don't adjust to what I am used to draw. Also some of this people have the bad habit of making requests to anyone that draws for free, without even checking out the galleries of the artists! and that's something I find pretty rude, as the former just want free art at any cost!. Considering those reasons, I think it is necessary for me to place these rules where everyone should (yes, SHOULD!) read them:

1-My house, my rules, if you don't like them, go elsewhere! No exceptions with any rule.
2-I will only take requests to draw (not write about) exclusively, slim busty girls that love boobs (that is no non consensual BE stuff, nor girls that don't like bigger boobs). The absolute minimum size I'd draw is this… . I won't even consider requests regarding males, flatchested girls, furries nor robots/synthetics (I broke this rule once and I don't intend to do so again).
3-Every work will be posted in my gallery, NO private requests!
4-I am free to take or discard any request in any moment, even if I said 'I'll do it' previously (pay attention at this, one asshole once got super angry at me because I said yes and then I told him I couldn't go on, I'll meet this fella in hell and torture him forever!). Same applies to the requester recommendations. After all this is free work and I have the last word.
5-Be conscious of my limitations, that is, please don't ask for multiple characters, complicated scenes or complicated backgrounds.
6-I will start with your request when I feel like it, it maybe tomorrow, it maybe in 5000 years. You could remind me once each 6 months.
7-If you obviously didn't read this I won't be accepting your request! Plain and simple. Send me a message with the word 'Qadesh' as subject. If you don't, I'll read your message but I may not reply back.

Sorry if I sound too moody, but remember this is all for free, I'll put my time and effort, and you will save your money. If you think this annoyance is not worthy of the quality of my works, that's good. You can always look for other people, much more talented and less annoying than me.

Art trades or collaborations are prioritary over any free request.

Have a great day!

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It is nice to have people who will support you no matter what. I know I am far from being the best at what I do, and yet I have these people who follow me. Some are more famous than others, some post regularly and have galleries with lots of deviations, some others are more like lurkers that have no deviations nor a single favourite. But everyone is valuable and I appreciate your interest in my stuff.

A few months ago a pretty famous artist (at least for this 'guild') mentioned in a comment that I had potential. I appreciate the comment. After all, it feels specially good when someone you have admired because of their developed artistic skills for years (he is one of the veterans in big boob art) has something nice to say about you. And truth be told, I am sure that for most people, me included, these comments tend to be more 'relevant' than those from other people. I suppose being praised by Shakespeare is more relevant than being praised by your mom xD. Now, I am sure this person didn't mean to do any harm with his words, not on purpose at least. But I have been thinking of this 'potential' as of lately.

In the dictionary, ‘potential’ refers to possible, as opposed to actual; or something capable of being or becoming. In other words, I have the potential of becoming a good artist, but I am not good yet. I hope someday I'd become good and still aim to become even better. But I am not there yet, and that's a fact. Also having the potential doesn't grant that I'll become good at this. If I became good it will be impossible to be 'potentially good' because when you ARE something, you can't be POTENTIALLY something. However as perfection will never be reached I'd have the potential to get better, just like everyone else. I hope I live up to those expectations. I always do my best, but even your best can be insufficient to achieve something and that's just another fact.

To inspire you all, me included, we have this:… . Sometimes I am skeptic on what people could achieve. However this ‘Draw this again’, has left me completely speechless. After just two years (less than 750 days) this woman (chemical-exorcist) developed her style so deeply and beyond recognition. When I saw such an improvement in such a short period of time I couln’t believe it. It was either the result of studying fine arts (there are exceptions, but most competent artists for western standards everywhere, studied arts at college or universities) or the result of ‘cheating’. But this case is neither, just the results of sweat and efforts of a pharmacy student (a career that demands lots of time). I have never seen anything close to this. Not even with this:… . It took decades for Artgerm to get as good as he is. This makes this lady’s achievements even more impressive, because even though you would argue if she’s as good as artgerm or not, she is undeniably good, for any person standards, and just after 2 years!.  Before changing topics I have one last excuse...both chemical-exorcist and Artgerm are asians. These people have quite the Fine motor skill and I am convinced it must be something genetic. Also they both started better than I currently am ¬¬ . lol but enough from the clown!

And now that I am writing about encouragement and people with our same interests, there's something else I wanted to share. During my life since internet arrived to it I have received messages from three different internet contacts who would be willing to meet me in real life or so they say. These contacts are one person from each the USA (a country I can’t enter), Canada and Germany. For me these kind of messages are quite the big deal, because it means that at least some people would try to turn a cold, potentially temporary, virtual friendship into something more significant and permanent: a real life friendship. It may work or not, but the intentions matter. We all have interests that I don’t share with my real life friends, and because of that I have been wondering, what would happen if I met this people in real life.

The Canadian friend was considering the idea of meeting another internet contact in real life, and we both agreed that these kind of meetings would be somewhat different if we met in public or private places. If we met in a private place maybe we could talk freely of women and womanly traits (you know, boobs et al.), but if we met in a public place, such as my own back in my homeland, we would rather avoid such topics and speak of other much less passionate stuff, like politics, environment or sports maybe also about women, but to a much more reduced extent.

Of course until recently, the idea of meeting any of these fellas in real life seemed like a distant and unlikely possibility, not because we didn’t want to meet but because of economical and geographical barriers. But from time to time I used to imagine how would it be to meet these people in real life.

And now here’s the irony. As some of you know, I live in a rather small country, and a couple of years ago I started to contact a fellow countryman who is a breast enthusiast (not to the extent I am, but much more than the average person). After a year or so, I thought we have developed some level of confidence, I decided to ask him to have a meeting somewhere. The answer I got was ambiguous but in essence negative. Not the big deal, but ironic, considering that people who lived thousands of kilometers away from me were more willing to meet me, than a person who lived less than 20 km away. I dropped the idea. I tried to convince myself it was for the greater good, and that maybe, although very unlikely, meeting someone in a small country with a small population could harm my reputation for my employers (employers that praise the ‘diverse love’, but can’t see a topless woman in one’s computer unless she’s native american or african :P ).

The idea of meeting this guy resurfaced again during the beginning of 2014, mostly as a side effect of my perspectives on my ‘overseas life projects’ and that there’s the chance that I wouldn’t be returning to my country again. I decided to be more incisive and straightforward this time. Also there was, at least in theory, even more confidence accumulated. Like last time, the answer was at first ambiguous. Realizing it, I begged as my last resort (don’t worry I kept my dignity, I hope lol) but all was for nothing xD. This time the answer was more evasive than anything, and and that just confirmed that there was no will to have the meeting. A negative ‘don’t call us, we’ll call you’. Unlike the previous time, this time the rejection felt awful.

Then, something struck me. It was karmic. I was doing something similar to some real life friends in here, by evading our friendly meetings. I never shut any door, nor window, but I kept delaying our meetings. Mostly because I don’t like to go out in the night (if the meetings were planned during daylight, preferably near noon, I would have never delayed them, most of my friend meetings were around that time and they were nice) But realizing that I’d be gone for good and how bad it felt to be evaded/rejected I decided that it was time to meet these people. Sadly the meeting ended too son. As the event advanced I realized that my tolerance for alcohol had diminished greatly since January 2014. I blame the wisdom teeth extraction in the intervening time and the subsequent antibiotic use for it. The enzymatic activity in my body should be the same, I see no reason for it to change: I don’t I get drunk any quicker, but my gut gets quite irritated. Ironically I will reside in a country with quite the beer tradition :/. Karma is a bitch.

  • Mood: Uneasy

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Thank you for favorite! 
ryver8 5 days ago  Hobbyist Writer
Thank you for the favorite on Chapter 10 of Samantha! Thanks for hanging in there for the length of the story. :D
still penultimate doesn't make me happy D:
Your webcam is priceless XD
Sweet morph
it is not a morph. That lady looks like that for real :P
Hmm mind telling me her name?
I'll give one in return: (quite a sight, and REAL at that) > WENDY FIORE
i like wendy fiore. My girl is Beshine
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Colored one of your works:…

Hope you don't mind - I did provide credit/link...
oh wow, thanks a lot xDDD... you did an awesome job, with the hair highlights and the texture of the bottoms (how do you do that?). Sweet!.

I just have one minor observation, the tongue seems too light colored, it should be redder. What program did you use to color? GIMP? 
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