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TRADES OPEN (Depending on my mood)

REQUESTS ARE CLOSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I have realized that several persons are sending me requests and sometimes their requests don't adjust to what I am used to draw. Also some of this people have the bad habit of making requests to anyone that draws for free, without even checking out the galleries of the artists! and that's something I find pretty rude, as the former just want free art at any cost!. Considering those reasons, I think it is necessary for me to place these rules where everyone should (yes, SHOULD!) read them:

1-My house, my rules, if you don't like them, go elsewhere! No exceptions with any rule.
2-I will only take requests to draw (not write about) exclusively, slim busty girls that love boobs (that is no non consensual BE stuff, nor girls that don't like bigger boobs). The absolute minimum size I'd draw is this… . I won't even consider requests regarding males, flatchested girls, furries nor robots/synthetics (I broke this rule once and I don't intend to do so again). I won't take requests about original characters which belong to a third party, unless you got EXPLICIT permission to use that character.
3-Every work will be posted in my gallery, NO private requests!
4-I am free to take or discard any request in any moment, even if I said 'I'll do it' previously (pay attention at this, one asshole once got super angry at me because I said yes and then I told him I couldn't go on, I'll meet this fella in hell and torture him forever!). Same applies to the requester recommendations. After all this is free work and I have the last word.
5-Be conscious of my limitations, that is, please don't ask for multiple characters, complicated scenes or complicated backgrounds.
6-I will start with your request when I feel like it, it maybe tomorrow, it maybe in 5000 years. You could remind me once each 6 months.
7-If you obviously didn't read this I won't be accepting your request! Plain and simple. Send me a message with the word 'Qadesh' as subject. If you don't, I'll read your message but I may not reply back.

Sorry if I sound too moody, but remember this is all for free, I'll put my time and effort, and you will save your money. If you think this annoyance is not worthy of the quality of my works, that's good. You can always look for other people, much more talented and less annoying than me.

Art trades or collaborations are prioritary over any free request.

Have a great day!

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Yes I have been living to the East of the Atlantic for a bit of a while and I think I can now express my ideas and impressions without sounding too hasty with my opinions.

Before I go further, let's be clear, it isn't my intention to offend anyone. If I do, trust me, it isn't intentional.

Now, my cultural shock has been deep, but not excessively so, because I lived in a Western country, maybe not as developed, but still with western values and culture.

Anyhow, while it is true I expected many things to be like they actually are here in Germany I'll talk of those that were different from what I expected, or that are radically different from what I saw in my country.

First is that I regret I didn't backpack more in the past. It could be quite the interesting experience to meet people and places otherwise you would have never met, it is exciting to do so, the only down point for me, is that I did it alone, and well, obviously you can feel pretty alone at times when you travel on your own with no lasting company.

Also Germans are not robots (lol) they are humans too, and maybe too humane, just like you and me, some are crazy, yes, but who isn't? Every person in this world has their little manias.

When I first arrived, I decided to stay away from large cities for a while, but eventually that changes. And as soon as I visited the first large city I realized that there are plenty of homeless people, who, as in my country, gather in sheltered places to sleep. Don't get me wrong, I knew there would be homeless people, but not as many as I had seen. I can't help but feel bad it happens everywhere, no matter what country you are talking about.

It was surprising as well to find so many babies. I expected Germany to be a babyless country, with its population decreasing as books said, depending on immigrants to maintain their population. But well, there are plenty of babies, and from time to time you find a woman grabbing the hand of one of her kids, pushing the carriage of other and carrying a third one on her arms.

Maybe one of the things that has shocked me the most, and related to kids, is that many parents get their children in croozers, or kid trailers for bikes. I wouldn't have minded if it was in parks, but they also do it and in the city streets. In my country making that would mean certain death for the little ones. But here, there's obviously more respect for bikers and bikers are as well much more educated.

And talking of bikers and cars: cars are much more abundant than I expected. People talk of taxes, of fuel cost, of the advantages and punctuality of public transportation and bikes (cars run on money and make you fat, bikes run on fat and save money), yet cars are very numerous. Of course, cars are a German invention.  And bikers are common too, interestingly enough, many bikers are chubby or even obese. I can't get how that is possible.

The U-bahn/subway/metro system is something that is non existent in my country, and everytime I enter then underground part of a bahnhof, I smell the 'dead skin flakes in the air'. Of course that happens in every city with a metro system, and not only in Germany. After all 15% of the air in the metro systems is dead skin :O.

There's racism in every country of the world. That can't be helped. However while in Southern Europe people is too vocal about it (just watch some soccer matches in Spain or Italy) in the Center and North people is less vocal, but you can see some people's attitudes and how it is obvious they don't like different people. I like too think they are a 'small percentage' of the population, but let's face it, even if among 80 million there was a single racist, there would be too many.

Now ...girls. I'll be honest. Some German girls you find in the street are really pretty, but, thanks to Beshine, Penelope Black, Annina Ucatis, Martina Big, Milena Velba, Nadine Jansen, Jordan Carver, and even smallies like Heidi Klum (the first Victoria Secret angel that really caught my eye) and Claudia Schiffer, I expected the feminine population to be much more top heavy. But well...they are normal. Does that mean that I don't like them? not at all. But hey, I have my preferences lol.

Finally I have to say that I am glad to be here and I am glad to experience this. With the ups and downs of it I have to say that so far, the ups have surpassed by far the downs.

Germany is a nice country.
  • Mood: Bemused

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ryver8 Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Hobbyist Writer
Ah, and thank you for the favorite on the Samantha PDF! The final favorite. :)
Hattushilish Featured By Owner 23 hours ago
the final? are you leaving?
ryver8 Featured By Owner 19 hours ago  Hobbyist Writer
No, I merely meant that is the end of the Samantha series. a whole year of releases and favorites, all over now xD
Hattushilish Featured By Owner 19 hours ago
for a sec my heart stopped
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ryver8 Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Hobbyist Writer
Thank you, Hattushilish, for all the favorites on the Samantha series! It really means a lot. I just uploaded the final illustrated PDF form, and that finishes off the story of Samantha. You have my sincerest thanks for reading my story.
Hattushilish Featured By Owner 3 days ago
No, man, thanks to you for creating this masterpiece and sharing it. There's talented people out there, sadly many of them don't share their stuff. I am the thankful one.
ryver8 Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Hobbyist Writer
:D you honor me too greatly
Hattushilish Featured By Owner 23 hours ago
haha no problemo
otakon2006 Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2014
Thanks for the favorite!
Hattushilish Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2014
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